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Visual Studio to HTML (vs2html.exe)

My Windows Live Writer plugin, "Paste from Visual Studio" has been doing quite well, with almost 1000 downloads since last November.

But not everyone uses Writer and there far are more scenarios for converting source code to HTML than just blog posting. As a result, I've created a little utility which takes the current contents of the clipboard and replaces it with the converted HTML.

The utility, vs2html.exe, has no user-interface, no options, and no error handling. I find it's best used by adding it to the quick launch menu - then just CTRL-C in VS, hit the icon, and CTRL-V wherever you need the HTML.

You can configure vs2html to use a specific font and size instead of the default (Consolas, 12). To do this just to rename the executable using the format "vs2html.consolas.12.exe" (vs2html.font.size.exe).

Download vs2html.exe (24kb) vs2html.zip (6kb)


public class AdornerPopup : Adorner, IAddChild


<pre style="font-family:consolas;font-size:12">[<span style="color:rgb(43,145,175)">...
<span style="color:Blue">public</span> <span style="color:Blue">class</span> <span s...