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RikReader FAQ

What is RikReader?

"Codename: RikReader" is an RSS Reader which complements the RSS Platform delivered by Microsoft in Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7. The RSS Platform makes it possible to share feed subscriptions and items between multiple applications.

"Codename: RikReader" provides only reading and searching capabilities. To manage your feed subscriptions, it's recommenced that you use Internet Explorer 7.

Standard View


Newspaper View

Where can I get RikReader?

Click here to install with Clickonce 

Clickonce will add a RikReader icon to your Start Menu and allow you to uninstall the application from "Add and Remove Programs." 

Using FireFox or another browser? Please click here then choose "Open" or "Run" to Install with Clickonce.

What are the Requirements?

Windows Vista

Or Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 and the .NET Framework 3.0.

RikReader is Great! Can I pay you?

For now RikReader is free, but there's always my Amazon Wish List.

What does RikReader offer over Internet Explorer 7?

A unified view of all your feeds: See all your items in a single view. "Codename: RikReader" collapses the hierarchy of feeds and folders into a single list of items ordered by date.

A dynamic interface: Any new items or changes to the feed store will automatically show up in the current view.

Full-text, indexed searching: Perform advanced searchers over all of your items, instantly, in one go.

Tagging and Annotations: Add searchable notes with text and ink, label items with free-form tags.

How does tagging work?

Just select the item you want to tag, and press 't', type the tag and hit enter. You can add multiple tags, just add a comma in between.

To find tagged items, prefix the search term with tag:, for example if you marked an item with 'todo' search for tag:todo.

How do annotations work?

In two pane view, annotations are notes that you can add to an item. Select some text and you will find that the 'Add Annotation', 'Add Ink Annotation' and 'Highlight' buttons towards the bottom left become active.

Text annotations can be searched in the same manner as ordinary tags with the tag: prefix, Ink annotations are not yet indexed.

What are the shortcut keys?

Where possible, RikReader uses the same shortcut keys as Google Reader.

j/k next/previous item
t tag item
shift n/p next/previous feed/folder
shift x expand/collapse folder
s search
v view in browser
r refresh view
1 two-pane mode
2 newspaper mode
space next unread item

What has changed in the latest version?

View the Changelog to see the complete revision history.

How can I subscribe to a new Feed?

Use Internet Explorer 7. Navigate to a Feed, then click the link labeled "Subscribe to Feed".

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